1 Bumper Sticker:
Initial Fee of $9.99*
Monthly monitoring fee $2.99

2 Bumper Stickers:
Initial Fee of $12.99*
Monthly monitoring fee $4.99

3 Bumper Stickers:(Max. amount of stickers)
Initial Fee of $15.99*
Monthly monitoring fee $6.99

Add a Bumper Sticker to an existing account:
One time fee of $9.99*
+$2.00 to the actual monthly fee

* Printing and shipping of Bumper Sticker.
Payment can be made with a credit card or PayPal.

How it works

Once you register you will be assign a unique I.D. This I.D. will be printed on your customize bumper sticker.


Sticker preview

Once the bumper sticker is on the car, anyone who wants to report a driver can report it by visiting and entering the I.D.

The person reporting will NEVER have access to ANY of your information. They need to only know your bumper sticker I.D.

The person reporting will input the vehicle ID: XX-XXX and make a brief report that best describes the incident. Once the person reporting the incident has completed their observation and presses send, you will immediately receive an email and text message (the text message is optional uppon registration) with the report. Again, the party reporting their observation of your teens driving will never have access to your information.


Hi, "User Name"
Your vehicle with the ID: "XX-XXX" has received a report for "reason of report"

Date of report: "06/12/2022"
Date of incident: "06/12/2022" at "7:35/PM"
Incident state: "state"
Incident city: "city"
Incident location: "the direction where the incident were spotted"
Make, model and color: "Ford, mustang shelbi red"
Description of incident:

"The report description go here."

Check all your reports by login your profile here.

Review your objectives, talk to you teen, make your teen a safe driver.

Sticker detail
Bumper Sticker Details will mail you your customized, uniquely identified, bumper sticker to be installed on the rear the vehicles.

Bumper stickers are meade of a durable vinyl and are 4”x17” with a 3-year life warranty.


To become a member please follow the registration steps on our Home page. You will need the following to become a member.

Member/Parent information need to register:
1. Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email address
4. How would you like to be alerted/notified of an incident email/text message
5. State your vehicle is registered

Car(s) information needed that will be registered for our services:
1. Model
2. Vehicle color
3. State where vehicle is registered

Peace of mind

Be in peace with yourself everyday knowing that your kids are safe.

Keep in mind what is important

Helps you instill better driving habits that our teens may not feel are important.

Make Teens more responsible

Make them to be aware of the dangers of the road and coach them to be better drivers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How does this service help me reduce accidents by having a Bumper sticker?
Once the bumper sticker is placed on your teens car they know that they are being watched and immediately makes them feel more accountable.

How to sign up for our service?
Click on Sign up and follow the instructions. You will need the vehicle’s color, make and state where the vehicle is registered. After you register you will receive by mail your customize bumper sticker(s) within 4 to 7days.

Is my personal information secured?
Yes, the person making the report will never have access to any of your personal information.

Can I change my Bumper Sticker ID?
Yes, you will only have to pay the printing and shipping for it.

Can I have more than one vehicle in my account?
Yes, you can have up to 3 cars per account.

Why use WEB technology instead of a phone contact?
Once someone makes a report on your bumper sticker ID you will immediately receive a report. You will get the report by email or text message. We want to pass the information exactly as it was reported to us. We do not want to message misconstrued with an added word or thought. We were not at the sight and cannot speak for the person making the observation. We feel you would apreciate the exact information sent. Any type of information, wheter detailed or brief is better than none in our view. It is a heads up and do we as parents want to act on the observation.

Does submit the reports to the Police or Insurance Companies?
No. The report will only be sent to you the parent or whoever you assign to receive the messages.

How to make a report?
Click on the main page of and just enter the Bumper Sticker ID