Our Story

Our Story

Teens drive more precautiously when they know they are being monitored by their parents.

We must face this newfound reality head on, and be realistic that our teens aren’t perfect. We were teen driver’s once. It could’ve easily be me receiving that dreadful unwanted phone call or knock at the door…

According to AAA, teen drivers were involved in nearly 14,000 fatal crashes in just the past five years.

Teenagers may feel invincible, nothing can hurt them. We can help keep an eye on them and hopefully alert you to take preventative action to stop them from texting, speeding, not wearing seatbelts or other unsafety driving habits observed by others concern drivers.


We want to assist you and inform you when an issue is reported. We want to prevent that phone call or knock on the door; Our mission is to form a relationship with you. By providing this service we can help you keep your teen drivers safe. We are parents of teenagers and future teenagers too. We feel this could help us as well as you.


We want to help you have a piece of mind when your teenager starts driving. We want to have this program in place and have all your vehicles labeled with this bumper sticker. We want to bring awareness of the need of a method to keep parents informed of their teens driving and the safety of our teens. Our mission is to have as many parents join our services and put the safety of our teens driving first. With your membership, teens will be aware that we as parents care and will see more and more of these bumber sticker out there. Our teens will learn to be cautious, law abiding and safe drivers.

Why it works

You will be informed and aware of your teens driving habits

You can make your teen a better driver

You will have the ability to take action on how to address these issues

You will be the decision maker if you feel your teen is at risk to still be a driver or may need more education

You will join forces with other parents and report other teens you see making bad decisions as teen drivers

Peace of mind
Save lives

Change behavior and promote teen driver’s accountability.

Identify at-risk drivers

Identify at-risk drivers that need coaching/training (before it’s too late).

Drivers's behaviors

Get the right facts about your kid driving behaviors and take care of them.